Cooperation Projects of the Culture Programme 2007-2013 of the European Commission seeks to support cultural cooperation projects and actions shared by at least three cultural operators, working within and across sectors, from at least three eligible countries. Actions that explore means of long-term co-operation are especially targeted to organize 4 charity performances by local groups (in Albania, Croatia, and Serbia) in order to motivate street children and young talented people to go toward circus.

Art Kontakt will be in charge of animation of the street children from Albania and gathering them to come to workshops, overall coordination and caring out the activities in Albania, the support of the local stake holders in Albania to take active role in all phases and activities of the project, in coordination with other partners that work actively on implementing strategies and ideas of “CIRCUS AS A WAY OF LIFE“ by creating positive changes (including legislative) in topics related to the project objectives.

Workshop: led by French theater company Capillotractee Cie
which is composed by professionals in contemporary circus and street theater from Western Europe: training on acrobatics, juggling, dance, pantomime and acting classes will be organized for local young people in each of the partner countries.

Workshop in Albania:

Ten days of workshop will take place in Don Bosko center with the participation of 17 street children of Roma community and young students of 15-18 years age.

Summer circus camps: 20 best workshop participants from Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo will go together in to a summer camp with the aim of staging a new circus show where every young artist will have his or her own part. Taking on and training this group of young people with a view to make a professional performing group will be a great challenge for teachers and trainers. During the summer camp the group will create a circus show that will embrace acrobatics, juggling, pantomime, modern dance and pyrotechnics


INBOX – Serbia
TZGV- Croatia
Ghetto – Kosovo
Helix – Greece