About Us

Art Kontakt is an Albanian cultural organization, created as a project in Venice,Italy in 2003. It is registered in the Albanian Court in 07/12/2007 with the Registration Number 432

NIPT K81325451O

Address: Rr. Luigj Gurakuqi 89/A, kati 10, Tiranë-Shqipëri

Art Kontakt emerged from the growing demand for establishing a dynamic and contemporary cultural scene in Albania since 2007. The Organisation’s Activities are based on the principles of respect, protection and implementation of fundamental human rights and freedoms as stipulated by the Constitution, laws and international recognized and adopted conventions.

Art Kontakt foresees to be a primary actor of this scene through the promotion and implementation of cultural exchanges and artistic initiatives in various fields, such as: contemporary art, cultural heritage cultural tourism. Art Kontakt also assists interested bodies in improving and furthering the field of art management in Albania. To achieve its mission, Art Kontakt collaborates with various public cultural institutions, foundations and associations. It is a partner of the Ministry of Culture in Albania since its establishment, covering events both at strategy level, and grassroots.


• To promote contemporary art in its multidisciplinary forms and techniques.
• To establish partnerships with other international cultural organizations in the Balkans and Mediterranean Regions .
•To promote Albanian Cultural Heritage, by exchanging Know How, using the best international methods and practices.