Albania: Round table with Ca.Ri.Ve and San Paolo IMI Internazionale

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CASSA DI RISPARMIO DI VENEZIA SAN PAOLO in cooperation with Sanpaolo IMI International organizes: ALBANIA: A COUNTRY IN DEVELOPMENT – region development perspectives through enterprise needs to expand internationally the productivity processes, the incensement of trade exchanges with the new European countries, and the increase of some of the East European market levels over the average of BA.

For Sanpaolo IMI Internazionale holds the speach:

GIAN MARCO NICELLI Head of M&A and Strategic Alliances will make a presentation of the economical and finantial development in Albania focusing on: PRIVATISATION EXPERIENCE IN SRATEGIC SECTORS

The program: Thursday, June 30 time 11.00 at the rapresentative auditorium – Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia – San Marco 4216 (Campo Manin)

Organized by “Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia”

In cooperation with A.N.I.A Social association.

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