Cultural rally of Arbëresh Community in Kalabri on theme: “Arbëresh Community, 5 centires history; customs and traditions

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With the support of Venetian Municipaty, Universita` Ca` Foscari, EDS Foundation

Organized by ANIA and Asci degli Studi

Coordinated by: Andi Tepelena, Andrea Bonifacio,
Gianni Macri`

25th – 26th may 2004,

Auditorium Santa Margherita – Venezia

An activity dedicated to the presence of Albanian community in the south of Italy since ancient times. The main topics of the activity were the language and Arbresh literature, traditional costumes, Byzantine rituals, catholic traditions, rhapsodic and modern songs, natural and geo-environmental aspects of Arberia. This activity was organized according to the program below:

Salvatore Bugliaro (President of Arberesh geologic centre)
“Albanian early emigration in Italy”

Adriana Ponte (Prof. in Foreign Literature and Language)
“Arbëreshe Language”

Pasquale de Marco (journalist)
“Feminine wear ”

Adriano Mazziotti (journalist)
“ Byzantine ritual and religious traditions”

Giuseppe Cacozza (poet and compositor)
“From rhapsodic songs to modernistic songs”

Demetrio di Benedetto (essayist)
“Geo-environmental and natural aspect of Arbëria”

Raffaele Fera (journalist)
“Italian-Albanian Literature”

Musical Spectacle dedicated to Jeronim de Radës

An exhibition of the painter Petrit Ceno was organized at the theater where the event took place.

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