EUIMAGE Images And Propaganda:

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EUIMAGE Images And Propaganda: National stereotypes in Europe from Great War to today From 29 June until 3 July 2019, Destil Tirana.

Exhibition| How do you form opinions on European countries?

The European project Euimage dedicated to the relationship between propaganda images of the great war and contemporary national stereotypes has become a travelling exhibition composed of cartoons, posters, postcards, historical photographs and comments of students and researchers of Art Kontakt (Albania), Università degli studi di Trieste , Sapienza Università di Roma, Vmu International Kaunas (Lithuania),

Euimage, is part of the project “new nations – new national girl: lessons from WW1 to overcome national girl in the EU” funded by the European Union through the Europe program for citizens – historical memory.


Art Kontakt (Albania)
Comune di Cinisselo Balsamo (Italy)
Università degli Studi di Trieste (Italy)
Sapienza Università di Roma (Italy)
Università di Kaunas ( Lituany)
Freie Universität, Berlino (Germany)
Villa Vigoni – Centro Italo-Tedesco per l’eccellenza europea