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date of the opening ceremony: 24/04/2019
Location: Multifunctional Center ‘Ten’ – Municipality of Tirana

Speakers at the opening ceremony:
– Eldon Gjikaj (professor in University of Tirana)
– Ylljet Aliçka (writer and scriptwriter)
– Rezarta Delisula (chief editor at Gazeta Shqiptare)

On April 26, 2019, to Location: Multifunctional Center ‘Ten’ – Municipality of Tirana ” ART KONTAKT realized the exhibition “EUnderground”. The “EUnderground” exhibition aimed to bring to the attention of the cultural movements from Albania and the former Soviet bloc countries during the Cold War, the tragic destiny of artists who were persecuted by “official” communist culture due to their political views, artistic styles or their artistic subjects.

Eldon Gjikaj, Profesor of University of Tirana, dealt with the topic of dissemination in the former communist countries of Eastern Europe that opposed official policies and socialist realism as doctrine. In many countries such as Czechoslovakia, Poland, the former Soviet Union, etc., writers such as Milos, Havel, Brodsky, Michnik, Pasternak, Akhmatova fought against communist ideology and “Socialist Realism”. This brought a wave of persecutions on each of them, but in different places this repression and persecution was at a different level and intensity. The case of Albania remains unique. The writer Ylljet Alicka presented to the public a panorama of the Underground movement in the ’70s, especially in the musical scene of Tirana, after the 11th Festival.

The panel has been moderate by Deputy Chief Editor of the Albanian Gazeta, Rezarta Delisula.

The EUnderground Project is funded by the European for Citizens Program.