Mystic tour of Flying Dervish

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Mystic tour of Flying Dervish

The Mystical Dancing of Derviches
from Gjirokastra to Prishtina

The concerts held in:
Albania: Gjirokastra 28 June, Tirana 30 June,
Kosova : Prishtina 2 July

The Mystical Dancing of Dervishes from Gjirokastra to Prizren, from 28 June to 2 July
2008 aims the promotion and the exchange of different world cultures. Our partners for the
Organization of this tour were the Ministry of Culture of Albania, the Ministry of Culture of Kosovo and Academy of Arts in Tirana
CONTEMPORARY LOVERS OF MEVLANA the essential meaning of our brotherhood is to
be of service to all people of the world, to rescue people from pessimism and hopelessness. Our
patron saint Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi came as a unifier to all humanity. Men and women of the
Mevlevi path marry, raise families, work, and take part in the joys and sorrows of the world while
at the same time attempting to attain a reunion with God by giving emphasis to their spiritual
state. Their intention is to live as true human beings, cleansed of animalistic.

The Foundation of Universal Lovers of MEVLANA MOHAMMED JELALED-DIN RUMI

The soufi dancers – Yeni :
1. Sema Grubu
2. Hasan Çıkar
3. Ekrem Kolcu
4. Murat Yıldız
5. Ayhan Akcan
6. Ercan Yalazan
7. Gökhan Demir
8. Burcu Yıldız
9. Nilüfer Akcan
10. Esin Kaya
11. Nazmiye Özkıvanç
The musiciens :
12. Mutrip Heyeti
13. Mete Salim Edman
14. Hüseyin Erdem Özkıvanç
15. Necip hakan Ayık
16. Veli Vural
17. Gürcan Kaftan


18. Mesut Tufan
19. Gülsün Zeytinoğlu
20. Doğan Bermek

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