The competition “Videmokraci“ aimed to address issues of lack of democracy, a low participation of young people in Elbasan city and gender issues through creative ways such as short video production and their spread with social media at the local level.


As a transitional country, Albania experiences issues related to unconsolidated decision-making, lack of human rights, corruption, organized crime, which are related and pervasive on the political scene. In these conditions as long as citizens remain silent and apathetic in the face of  abuses, institutions will not be able to strengthen democracy.


That was precisely what the project sought to contribute to changing by increasing youth participation and awareness of local governance enveronment and gender discussing the issues we are confronted with and encourage young people to address them, whil demanding accountability for inaction and poor results.




  • Project goals were:

-To increase knowledge and understanding of local democracy, gender issues and environment and providing technical knowledge on the tools young people can use to demand more accountability and transparency at the local level in the private and public schools of Elbasan.

  • -To produce and disseminate a visual portfolio between 15-20 videos of issues of concern by high schools students in Elbasan.




Final Event


On the 20th of November the final event of Videmokraci was held at the library hall of Elbasan University, where we screened all the videos that were produced, and announced  the 3 winning videos. The participants in the project received certificates.


Links of winners:


Bleona Ballkoçi: (Environmental protection).


Joana Panxhi (Gender Equality)



Alban Boshku (POWER)



During the event  the two best videos voted the jury were presented. After the presentation of all the videos, the participants briefly summarised the concept and the way in which they developed their videos. The selection of the videos was made on the basis of set criteria, such as: coherence of the concept with the general philosophy, teamwork, editing, symbolic play with objects, places, and video dynamics. The audience prize was awarded based on the most likes and views recieved on Facebook and Youtube.


After the end of the event, the local television conducted a reportage.


Videmokraci competition was organized by Art Kontakt and supported by Heinrich Böll Foundation