This project aims to engage young people of Tirana District to receive a role and responsibility in the matter of local democracy and the public interest, using art (video) and social media as a tool of mass communication.


Realization and mass distribution in the social media with a portfolio of 100-150 videos that will be realized by the youth participants of the project, in order to increase awareness of citizens and local government with the transmition of the video-massages , in relation to the themes of local democracy.


  • Implementation of laboratories where will be included 150-200 young in the high schools and universities in Tirana Municipality, Kamza Municipality, Municipality of Kavaja for local democracy concepts.
  • Implementation of training for the conception and realization of videos by young people who will participate in the laboratories
  • Realization of video, distribution of videos on social networks
  • The final event for the public and division of the winning trophies

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