Porto Palermo Festival 2014

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Uncharted is an unknown factor. It is a puzzle in which we attempt to use rational schemes and scientific rigor to offer a logical explanation of place.
As in the Arboretum of David Byrne we try to create a mental map of an imaginary territory. In this place photographs, videos, drawings, installations and poetic conceptual performances, constitute the landscape of the artist’s mind.
The ways in which these works come together, collide and intertwine diagrammatically outline the many facets of this festival.
The relationships, connections and synergies that arise spontaneously are the final product of a long process of collecting, making and welcoming, expressing the experience and vision of artists to the world and society.
The artists and selected works in this edition of this festival represent a pattern of artistic and spiritual practices that, in reflecting notions of geographic boundaries, become the focal points of this imaginary map.
Here culture transcends the event to become a critical deposit of meaningful and of re-creative processes of personal life and spiritual experiences. Culture, which is constantly is reproduced and developed with the live audience becomes a natural part of the festival. In this context, cultural product enriched with emotions, perceptions and interpretations that transform the value and meaning, shifting the main axis of the simple memory of the past, to the strategic vision of the future.
The creative process that characterizes the festival is not just simply an artistic, musical or spectacular journey, but it is an individual and collective experience in a place as imaginary as real; where stories are experience, where listening is identity and where looking is memory. In an essay about memory J. Le Goff reminds us that this is what feeds the story, which in return nourishes it and transforms it. In saving the past, the memory is designed to serve the present and the future.
This festival is Uncharted precisely because this space will transcend known history, becoming a place where unknown stories are born.


  • arta&ben (scafisti scafati) “kater i rades 2014″ video/installation
  • dritan hyska “the perfect border”, video
  • julia heslop/martin heslop “the spider web city” video
  • ardian isufi “xixat”, video
  • beskida kraja “sorry” video/performance/installation
  • stefany savino/alban met hasani “Isola ftuttuante”, installation
  • rron qena “mermaids singing”, painting /oil in canvas
  • eliza hoxha “heshtja e kangës” video/installation
  • jakup ferri “cold water boils faster” tapestry
  • nasserman “memories”, video
  • emi toska “porto palermo”, architecture project
  • arber kadia “pro ces fluid”, installation
  • klod dedja/ema andrea “the transformers, performance
  • primoz bizjak “sava, donava in drina”/“slideshow 2014” video
  • yllka gjollesha “the moon”, painting/installation
  • ermal bezhani/orjet nazëraj “link” Installation/electronic music live/performance
  • fioralba kryemadhi “vanity”, photo/installation
  • artes ferruni/arbies komoni, “a dna poetry”, performance
  • helidon haliti “efimeron” painting
  • ilir lluka “metamorphic narratives”/sound performance
  • andrea bonifacio “displaced identity”- history notes, nearly a novel, video


  • naam van organic tech/experimental
  • leonard toma tech house underground
  • besi tech house/techno
  • canoon – albanian alternative independent folk
  • d-force vs Vj vinny
  • via tirana ( 00 GENTI) / electro- rock


  • Andi Tepelena/ producer, curator
  • Antuela Gjata/ producer assistant, coordinator
  • Aurora Velaj/ public relations
  • Dardana Caushi/ finance administration
  • Keti Shehu/ collaborator , curator assistant
  • Ardian Agalliu/ teknik ekspozite
  • Rabie Nerguti/ curator assistant
  • Denisa Kaca/ logistic assistant
  • Ergys Mita/ logistic assistant
  • Luan Shkodra/Jotti Ejlli camera, post production


  • Rea Lama
  • Alesia Burnazi
  • Elda Lauka
  • Kersti Nurka