Roots of European Design- Final Activity

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Art Kontakt realized the final activity of the young designers and experts of the project “Roots of European Design”
This activity gathered the young designers and the experts that have collaborated in “Roots of European Design”. During this exhibition have been presented different works produced throughout the workshop led by the experts Arjela and Ardi Kule.

In a specific stand were presented the works of the well known designers Silvana Nini, Natasha Korn, Bela Maci.
An open discussion was held, where the participants discussed on the opportunities that the modern design offers for the Albanian and for the global market, by using elements of the Albanian tradition.
The actualization of the tradition helps the people to get closer to their roots, and to understand better their own culture. At the same time it means that in this way the people from different cultures of Europe can get each other closer too. Through this kind of art we can find by the means of the difference the way to unity. The contemporary applied arts and design which are fed on traditional arts make the tradition clearer for the present age. They fill the tradition with modern meaning and make it up-to-date, which makes it (the tradition) more comprehensible and brings it closer to modern man.

“Roots of European Design” is a project supported by the European Union Program for Culture 2007- 2013.