The presentation of the book written by Maurizio Crema

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The presentation of the book written by Maurizio Crema

Appointment with the literature of journey

under the care of Maurizio Crema

A journey to West frontiers

Maurizio Crema narrates Albania as it is, Saturday June25th, time 18:00pm, “Rinascita” library, Viale S.Marco 29-34074 Monfalcone (GO). Maurizio Crema, journalist, writer and motorcyclist, guest of “Rinascita” library, talks about his journey to Albania published in the book “A journey to West frontiers”.
Albania a country divided by north and south, in Catholics and Muslims, in rich (usually traficants) and poor (often emigrants), it is a fascinating kaleidoscope, a real journey, one of the latest exploration journeys that could be made. With an old vehicle of ’60s, the motorcycle with strong buffers, not shinny, Easy Ryder type but with denticulate wheals like Endura type. California roads are very far but the European boundaries offer charming filmic views from the Use & Throw past history type. It is harsh and attractive in the main time, a real adventure.
The author Maurizio Crema was born in Verona and actually lives in Venetia. He is a journalist, professional of “Il Gazzettino” journal of Venice, cooperates with “D. Donna Repubblica” and “Diario”. He likes traveling and has a rich repertoire in Balkan, India, Chine and South America.

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