To read Kadare

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June 13th 2006, time 15:30

Auditorio Santa Margherita – Venice

Tuesday, 13th 2006, time 15:30

Studying day

first part

To read Kadare

The opening of the proceedings:

-Giuseppina Turano (Ca`Foscari Univeristy of Venice)- Introduction

-Monica Genesin (University of Lecce)

The translation in italian of Kadare narration ” Ikja e Shtërgut”

Some reflects about problems that rise during translating in Albania

-Alessandro Scarsella(University of Ca’ Foscari i Venecias)
Bilinguism and magic realism in Kadare

-Stefano Trovato (National Library ” Marciana”)
Classicism and old time recall of “Stone city”

-Giampiero Bellingeri (University of Ca`Foscari i Venecias)

-Caterina Carpinato ( University of Ca’Foscari, Venecia)

Ismail Kadare and Christoforos Milionisuku

-Bora KuKadare in 33 languages

Hold the speech:

Simonetta Pelusi (University of Kasinos), Andrea Bonofacio (Marco Polo System), Roberta Mira (Ercole et alii)
On his 70th birthday, Venice and the University of Venice venerate the work of the Albanian remarkable writer and one of the best living writers in Europe. The aim of this conference is to attract the public attention on kadare’s writings which are published in different languages all over the world especially in France and Italy. These two cities have brought to the author an extraordinary editorial success, by analyzing the expressed language and inspiring sources of his literal style and by making a reflexion on the cinematographic version of the novel “THE GENERAL OF DEAD ARMY” (1963) or “THE RETURN OF THE ARMY” (1982), film director Luciano Tovoli (Producer that was born in the same year as Kadare 1936) with Marcello Mastroiani, Michel Piccoli, Anoul Aimee, Gerard Klein and Sergio Castelletto
Just like the book, the film is not characterized by an ideological spirit of Second World War historical memory.
Under the care of Giampiero Ariola and Stefano Mandelli (Caracult Association – Bologna)

Promoted by the cultural association ” Asci degli Studi”
Supported by the University of Ca’ Foscari of Venecia
Coordinator: Alessandro Scarsella and Giuseppina Turano
Organizer: Artan Filo, Jona Hysa


Mob: +39 3495462621

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