Videmocracy, Durres

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ATraining of Youth Participation, Democratic involvement and European Citizenship on April 2019, Durres, Albania. It brought together 28 youth workers, 2 trainers, 1 facilitator, 1 reporter and 2 staff, for 8 days. 

The training has been developed following different pillars. In one pillar is our understanding about democracy and its applicability in daily life with special focus to young people participation in constructing it. On the other pillar the project is designed to explore the concept of citizenship in general and European citizenship in particular. The last pillar is dedicated to active participation concept and taking action locally for youngsters.  The training course will fulfil the needs about gaining knowledge in democratic and citizenship education and gain practical tools how to be active citizens and promote active citizenship in local, national and European level using non formal education. The methodology that we will use during the training shall raise better understanding about being active citizen, diversity, tolerance; human rights and shall increase the capacity of young people to work as multiplier in their country; to consolidate the experience that already exist and develop new ideas and practices.

The program was closed with the evaluation of the whole training and the certificates for participation were shared.

The trainings were led by program experts of Erasmus Plus +Ira TopalliErgys Kana Gezka

Coordinated by Silvia Dervishi

The project is organized by Art Kontakt

The project is funded by the European Union Erasmus + Program


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