Videmocracy, Kick-Off

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On February 1-4 2019, in Durrës was held the kick-off meeting for “Videmocracy” project, which is a project co funded by European Commission under Erasmus+ program.

The project aims at increasing the awareness of participants on their role in society, in the decision-making process in the present and future of Europe, and gaining self-confidence their capacity to play a role in the democratic process as active citizens. The project takes in account the topics of Democratic involvement, active participation and European citizenship of youth. The topic, especially in a time in which Euroscepticism is a reality, is relevant and often tackled. However, it is complicated for young people, at times, to really be involved in discussions with others involved in the shaping of their policies, and feels engaged in an interesting and participative ways. For this, we are taking into account multiple points of view, and giving the chance to express it through creative video tools, a mean of communication that can be easily understood by different targets, in an era in which visual identity is an important way of communication.
During the kick-off meeting was given an overview of project agenda and were initiated introductions among team members who didn’t worked together before. The team were explained the purpose of the project, expected goals, activities, status reporting and the vision for why the upcoming project mattered. One representative from each partner was instructed to set up an individual action plan regarding preparation, implementation, visibility, dissemination and follow up of activities. Based on the expertise of every partner, were shared their roles in order for each one of them to fulfill their tasks. International team took the responsibilities to make contact with NGOs of different countries and region working on HRE and democracy concept in order to spread the outcomes of the project. During the meeting were discussed as well financial issues and grant allocation for each partner and rules to follow.