MAKE IT GROW! aims to create new connections between young social entrepreneurs (or aspiring) ,youth workers and policy makers.  An innovative system made up of networks and strategies to enhance the resources represented by the new generations and expand the impact of their projects in the territories.

The project received a funding of around 200,000 euros from the Erasmus + – Capacity-Building in the filed of Youth (Key Action 2); the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo is involved as the lead organization, in collaboration with the Municipality of Edremit (Turkey), and the associations Art Kontakt (Albania), Orhideja Stolac (Bosnia Herzegovina) and Touristic Kluster (Montenegro).

Specific objectives:
  1. To strengthen the dialogue between public bodies and social entrepreneurship’s players, enhancing the role of the youth workers as facilitators in this process. On one hand, it means to improve the knowledge and competences useful to support and accompany the creation of new young startups as well as to raise awareness on social entrepreneurship as a tool for youth employability and social inclusion. On the other hand, we want to foster the capacity of the young social entrepreneurs to communicate with the policy-makers, by identifying and expressing needs and contributing to the debate on social issues.
  2. To share good practices and promote models among project partners and communities in the field of sustainable tourism, promotion of the cultural heritage and the role of the art/creativity industry as resources for community development, youth employability and social inclusion. In this scenario, a big emphasis will be given to the active involvement of women in the field of social entrepreneurship, as change-makers and promoters of social inclusion.
  3. To support the capacity-building in the field of community engagement and bottom-up fundraising actions, in order to bring benefits both to the social entrepreneurs in terms of sustainability and to empower the youth participation and the sense of community belonging. The project aims at enhancing the ability of public bodies, organizations, youth workers and young social entrepreneurs in defining strategies to make the impact of social business initiatives effective, by involving the youth community and to find economic support for the projects’ implementation. Crowdfunding, in particular, is a powerful tool for social enterprises: for this reason, a big emphasis will be given to the digital skills development and awareness about tech for good.
  4. To promote the networking between organizations and professionals coming from E+ Programme and Partner countries. The project is not only aiming to transfer competences and knowledge, rather enhancing the good practices and experiences represented by the Balkan partners in the field of social entrepreneurship.