Art Kontakt, the Office of Touristic Service, institution depending on the Ministry of Urban and Touristic Development, Municipality of Lezha, Europa Foundation as partners of this project, held a promoting activity for all citizens and touristic operators on 16 September 2014 at the Scanderbeg Memorial in Lezha.

“Verotour “ Project aims to implement and evaluate a transnational itinerary that connects the wonderful and complex system of the maritime routs, settlements, castles, protective walls and cultural heritage, that characterizes the historical connections among Venice and European and
Mediterranean cities and harbors. Since Middle ages and for more than five centuries these trade routs facilitated the exchanges between different populations and cultures in the famous Silk Road that came from Far East . Evident signs of these exchanges are still present in our society.

The partners of public- private sector collaborate to develop international touristic products and to create sustainable basis of these antique routs. In this project are involved institutions and enterprises that operate in the Euro-Mediterranean area, in order to raise their knowledge and the competition in the European touristic market.

A tour is made from June of this year with a sailing boat. The tour has started from Venice, Puglia region, Corfu and Greek islands to continue and to stop in Albania, Montenegro and the Croatian Coast and to end the journey in Turkey, in October 2014.

Veliera ( the sailing boat) stopped in Albania, in the harbor of Shengjin ( Lezha) on 15 September 2014 where were present representatives of the project “Verotour” as UNWTO, the Office of Touristic Service (Albania), the Forum of the Chamber of Commerce for the Adriatic and Jon ( Italy), Municipality of Piram ( Slovenia) “Marco Polo” system GEIE (Italy) Crete Region (Greece), Art Kontakt (Albania), Municipality of Palmanova ( Italy), International University of Venice (Italy), University of Bilkent (Turkey), Mocha Tours (Turkey), Amateur Touristic Operators (Italy), Touristic Office in Pula (Croatia), Europa Foundation (Albania)

Part of this tour, that was focused in Lezha and Shkodra, were even three journalists of well known medias in Italy, Sky, Mediaset and Rai. They were not only focused on the promotion of “Verotour” project but also in the promotion of the Albanian cultural heritage, the touristic values. They promoted this part of Albania through different articles and reports.