Ali Pasha

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‘Ali Pasha Tepelena Itinerary’ project pursues a permanent partnership for the management of natural and historical heritage of ‘Ali Pasha’ Heritage created during his own dominion.

The main aim of the project is the capitalization and the start up of new initiatives suitable to support the institutions in the building of a virtuous model of preservation and joint management of the Network as strategic Cultural Heritage(CH) for a sustainable socio-economic development of the Ali Pasha territories. On the base of the past experiences, this project is in coherence with planned guidelines-as well as to the most relevant EU policy recommendations – the partnership agreed to strengthen the capacity of the institutions to preserve and manage this specific cultural heritage and touristic acting on 4 directions:

  • Start up of a renewed “governance and operative planning” of ‘Ali Pasha Tepelena’ Heritage en-powering on the expressed cultural values of the heritage, to the stimulus and the natural vocation of the local space, to the inclusion and to the active participation not only of the institutions, but also of the private sector and of the civil society;
  • The operational reuse of the monuments, especially Fortresses, overtaking the vision of a passive preservation and management of the Cultural Heritage (that is to say on the mere preservation of the asset along the time) towards a further model capable to interpret the cultural heritage as endless source of positive dynamic externalities of social economic and environmental order.
  • Proposing new management models, looking in a systematic and programmatic way to the combination of the local resources, and the initiatives in PPP and for the Europeans funds;
  • The overtaking of a local promotion of the CH looking to the opportunities of an action of cooperation and trans-national networking also through the utilization of the ICT.

In this perspective the project is an interesting and a relevant initiative suitable to launch effective ideas and solutions totally transferable and applicable in other context and typologies of cultural heritage of the Albania.